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5G for Smart Communities 

Capacity Building Sessions

The 5G for Smart Communities (5GSC) Platform, together with the European Commission, are organising a series of 5GSC Capacity Building Sessions.

These sessions aim to foster the exchange of best practices and examples within the 5G community, while empowering potential applicants in the project planning and application writing processes for the upcoming 3rd call of CEF Digital 5G for Smart Communities.

The capacity building sessions will span over the course of seven sessions, from 1st June 2023 to 7th December 2023. Below are the details for each session:

5GSC Capacity Building Session 1

Exploring 5G Use Cases

Thursday, 1st June 2023, 10:00-11:30 CEST - ONLINE

  • Welcome and introduction: Eric Gaudillat, Head of Sector, DG CNECT
  • Importance of use cases: Bernadett Koteles-Degrendele, DG CNECT
  • Focus on education, healthcare, public security, mobility, agriculture, and others: Emarildo Bani, Senior Consultant, IDATE Consulting
  • Q&A session

Recording & Presentation Slides


5GSC Capacity Building Session 2

Smart Communities Health Care Use Cases

Thursday, 22nd June 2023, 10:00-11:30 CEST - ONLINE

  • Welcome and introduction: Frederic Pujol, Team Leader, 5GSC Support Platform
  • Presentation of first healthcare use case: 5G4UH: 5G for University Hospital - a brief overview: Frédéric Pujol, Project Manager, 5GSC Support Platform
  • Presentation of second healthcare use case: Flanders Smart Fields: 5G Rural Coverage for Innovative Healthcare Services in the Westhoek
    Speakers: Caroline Gheysen, Director of Innovation, Jan Yperman hospital and Tim Cleys, Manager Healthcare Integration Services, Helicus
  • Presentation of third healthcare use case: 5G for a Smart Sicilian Academic Campus & Hospital 
    Speakers: Valentina Di Cristo, Program Manager, Vodafone and Prof. Salvatore Vitabile, University of Palermo
  • Q&A session

Recording & Presentation Slides


5GSC Capacity Building Session 3 

Introduction to Campus Networks for Smart Communities

Thursday, 6th July 2023, 10:00-11:30 CEST - ONLINE

  • Welcome and introduction: Frédéric Pujol, Team Leader of the 5GSC Support Platform
  • What is a campus network? Speaker: Olivier Duroyon, Nokia
  • IoT and edge computing applications for smart communities: Speaker: Dr Ovidiu Vermesan, WG Research and Innovation Chair, AIOTI
  • Use case: 5G AgriTech HUB: Speaker: Dr. Gábor Pete, Vodafone Hungary
  • Q&A session

Recording & Presentation Slides


5GSC Capacity Building Session 4 

5G Infrastructure Sharing for CEF 5G Smart Community Projects

Thursday, 7th September 2023, 10:00-11:30 CEST - ONLINE

  • Welcome and Introduction: Frédéric Pujol, Team Leader, 5GSC Support Platform
  • Introduction to 5G infrastructure set up and sharing options Basics of 5G deployment architecture Infrastructure sharing scenarios for Smart Community projects:

    • Wholesale access
    • Neutral networks

    Jean-Luc Lemmens, 5G expert, 5GSC Support Platform and iDATE

    • Innovative use cases, 5G Densification: William Diego, Senior Innovation Manager, Cellnex Telecom
    • The role of Towercos in neutral-host infrastructure provision, ATC’s view and experience: Dragan Jovanovic, Director Public Affairs & Communications for Europe, ATC Europe and Laurent Benet, Innovation and Business Development, ATC France
    • Q&A: The session will be moderated by the 5GSC SP

    Recording & Presentation Slides


    5GSC Capacity Building Session 5 

    Consortium Planning set-up for 5G Smart Community Projects

    Thursday, 5th October 2023, 10:00-11:30 CEST – ONLINE

    • Consortia legal set-up, partners selection, eligibility and digital security requirements: Anne Ingeborg van Luijn, CEF Digital expert, Schuman Associates
    • Long-term sustainability of the project and revenues from the project use case: Anne Ingeborg van Luijn, CEF Digital expert, Schuman Associates

    • Demonstration of 5GSC.eu matchmaking tool: Angelo Cerqueti, Event Manager at 5GSC SP

    • Q&A session

    Recording & Presentation Slides


    5GSC Capacity Building Session 6 

    Co-funding and Procurement Obligations for Contractors

    Thursday, 19th October 2023, 10:00-11:00 CEST – ONLINE

    • Welcome and introduction: Jan Droge, 5GSC Support Platform
    • Announcement of CEF Digital Call 3: Stavros Kalapothas, Policy Officer, DG CNECT 
    • Working in consortia and with sub-contractors, co-funding rules and eligible costs: Anne Ingeborg van Luijn, CEF expert, Schuman Associates
    • Q&A session

    Recording & Presentation Slides


    5GSC Capacity Building Session 7 

    Application Writing Process for CEF 5GSC

    Thursday, 7th December 2023, 10:00-11:30 CET – ONLINE

    • Welcome and introduction: Jan Dröge, 5GSC Support Platform
    • Basic principles of proposal management, including the bid process, work plan, work packages, consortium roles and responsibilities, and eligibility and selection criteria: Brian Cochrane, Senior Manager, Schuman Associates & Matteo Schmid, Account Executive, Schuman Associates
    • Support available to applicants, overview of 5GSC platformAngelo Cerqueti, 5GSC Support Platform
    • Q&A session 
    • Project Pitches

    To register for the sessions, please create or log-in your account on www.5gsc.eu and click on "Agenda". By registering to the Capacity Building Sessions you explicitly consent to the 5GSC Capacity Building Sessions Privacy Statement and agree that you fully understand it. (Please adapt accordingly your responses to the 'Organiser Questions'). 

    Please select the sessions of your interest and you will find the Webex details to join online. Once you update your details on the "Agenda" you will also receive a direct Webex invitation via email.

      We look forward to your active participation in these sessions, where we can collectively deepen our knowledge and contribute to the advancement of smart communities leveraging 5G technology.

      Thank you, and we look forward to connecting with you online!

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      France 70
      Spain 60
      Italy 58
      Germany 54
      Ireland 47
      Finland 43
      Greece 39
      Netherlands 26
      Portugal 25
      Poland 20
      Croatia 19
      Hungary 18
      Latvia 17
      Bulgaria 17
      Estonia 16
      Luxembourg 15
      Slovenia 13
      Sweden 13
      Romania 12
      Austria 11
      Slovakia 10
      United Kingdom 9
      Denmark 8
      Czech Republic 8
      Cyprus 7
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      Lithuania 6
      Israel 4
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      United States 2
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      Nigeria 1
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      Mobility Solution Provider 1
      Mobility Company 4
      Association of European Municipalities 16
      Association of National Municipalities 7
      Public protection and disaster relief - Association / Representative organisation 3
      Rural development / agriculture - Association / Representative organisation 4
      Agriculture Solution Provider 1
      Telecommunication / Technology - Association / Representative organisation 29
      Telecommunication / Technology company 342
      Broadband Competence Office 38
      EU institution / agency 51
      EU project / network 11
      Municipality/Smart City 50
      Other 88
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      Funding advisory (Private Company) 36
      Total 945