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Open until 31 December 2023

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  • your subscription to the 5GSC online platform, which acts as a platform to facilitate information exchange, knowledge sharing, and ongoing collaboration between 5G Smart Community projects funded under the CEF calls
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Organised by
Belgium 160
France 70
Spain 60
Italy 58
Germany 54
Ireland 47
Finland 43
Greece 39
Netherlands 26
Portugal 25
Poland 20
Croatia 19
Hungary 18
Latvia 17
Bulgaria 17
Estonia 16
Luxembourg 15
Slovenia 13
Sweden 13
Romania 12
Austria 11
Slovakia 10
United Kingdom 9
Denmark 8
Czech Republic 8
Cyprus 7
Albania 7
Lithuania 6
Israel 4
Türkiye 4
Montenegro 2
Ukraine 2
Moldova, Republic Of 2
United States 2
Norway 1
Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands 1
Bolivia 1
Georgia 1
Nigeria 1
Total 829
Government 106
Education - Association / Representative organisation 6
Education / R&D / Academia 94
Education Solution Provider 5
Health - Association / Representative organisation 3
Institution / Hospital 9
Mobility - Association / Representative organisation 3
Mobility Solution Provider 1
Mobility Company 4
Association of European Municipalities 16
Association of National Municipalities 7
Public protection and disaster relief - Association / Representative organisation 3
Rural development / agriculture - Association / Representative organisation 4
Agriculture Solution Provider 1
Telecommunication / Technology - Association / Representative organisation 29
Telecommunication / Technology company 342
Broadband Competence Office 38
EU institution / agency 51
EU project / network 11
Municipality/Smart City 50
Other 88
Economic Development Agency 11
European Region 27
Funding advisory (Private Company) 36
Total 945