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Open until 31 December 2024

Following the second Connecting Europe Facility – Digital (CEF Digital) call for proposals launched in October 2022, the Commission selected ten projects that will deploy 5G connectivity and enable innovative use cases for public services and services of general interest.

Read the news focus on the European Commission website here: 
5G for Smart Communities: second wave of projects co-funded under CEF Digital

1. 5GENIUS, A Next-Generation Network for the University College of Ghent

    Country: Belgium 🇧🇪

    The project seeks to leverage the benefits of 5G technology to provide a reliable, high-speed, and low-latency network infrastructure that can support the development of new and innovative digital services and applications in various sectors, such as healthcare, agriculture, logistics, mobility and industry (active educational and research domains of the University College). The project will allow students, researchers, staff, (student)entrepreneurs and local communities to excel with digital skills. Additionally, the project develops a roadmap for future expansion and adoption to anticipate new use cases and necessary network upgrades. It proactively addresses the security and privacy implications of 5G technology.

    2. TUKE 5GSC, 5G Infrastructure for Smart Communities

    Country: Slovakia 🇸🇰

    The project will deploy private 5G network elements at a University campus in Slovakia to take teaching and research to the next level. It will enable the local and national business community to optimize production processes and energy consumption and to become “smarter”, i.e. more efficient, resilient and able to adapt according to the evolving needs of citizens, the environment and the economy and society at large.

      3. Private 5G Network Oulu, OYS private 5G SA and AR/VR solution for Healthcare

      Country: Finland 🇫🇮

      This project will establish a secure and state-of-the-art 5G infrastructure for advanced wireless healthcare solutions in Oulu University Hospital (OYS,POHDE), with a specific focus on wearable technologies incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

      4. ED5GE, 5G Edge Enabled Smart Communities for Green Transformation in the North Project

      Country: Sweden 🇸🇪

      The project aims to deploy a 5G edge network infrastructure with the latest features such as network slicing and network based positioning to provide leading edge computing connectivity to enable low-latency, reliable and IoT connected applications and use cases for public authorities in four Smart Community areas.

      5. SmartPortPloce, Enhancing public services of Ploce Port Authority via implementing 5G connectivity

      Country: Croatia 🇭🇷

      The objective of this project is to enhance the level and quality of public services provided by the Port of Ploče Authority (which is the Socio-Economic Driver) by deploying dedicated private 5G network in the Port of Ploče area.
      This objective will be achieved by deploying 5G infrastructure in the Port of Ploče in order to establish leading-edge connectivity capable of large data processing, sharing and analytics. This will allow the optimisation of traffic and logistic processes in the port area, as well as the implementation of three innovative data intensive use cases (with the ability of sharing large data with other key public service providers).

      6. 5GTERRA, 5G infrastructure and services for public interest and social inclusion

      Country: Greece 🇬🇷

      The strategic objective of the project is to provide high-quality 5G connectivity to the end customers of remote and sparsely populated areas in Greece for personal, business, and governmental growth, to enable efficient, state-of-the-art SGIs and to support the deployment of 5G infrastructure as part of the European Gigabit Society EU strategy. The main scope of the project is on the deployment of 5G New Radio equipment, along with the required upgrades in the wireless backhaul equipment, antennas, and links to support the newly deployed or upgraded RAN, towards delivering leading-edge connectivity with characteristics such as high-performance in terms of bitrate and latency, capacity to connect IoT devices, as well as high reliability.

      7. 5G4LIVES, 5G for a Better Tomorrow: Protecting Lives and the Environment in Riga and Turin

      Country: Latvia 🇱🇻

      This project unfolds its transformative vision across two distinct geographic clusters, Latvia and Italy. It strategically leverages 5G connectivity alongside cutting-edge technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) and alternative hydrogen power. With a dual mission of enhancing public safety and environmental health, the project unfolds a narrative where data-driven forecasting and real-time aerial situational awareness become the bedrock of a more secure, efficient, and sustainable future.

      8. 5GMHI, 5G Mobile Healthcare Innovative solutions

      Country: Sweden 🇸🇪

      The project is expected to contribute to how advanced 5G mobile services can be used to strengthen patient safety, quality, and communication in a mobile healthcare context. The project will focus on solutions for the emergency medical services using 5G video communication to facilitate resource optimization and opportunities for increased patient safety and quality of care through drones and ambulance mounted cameras. 5G video between ambulance units, healthcare, emergency department and highly specialized care units will be used to optimize the opportunity for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

      9. 5G Healthcare, Northern Region (PT)

      Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

      The project intends to validate and deploy several use cases in various environments, thus demonstrating the enormous potential that connectivity to the 5G network can achieve in the healthcare sector, such as 5G connectivity in emergency vehicles (ambulances and helicopters), medical training resorting to live 5G supported video feed from a robotic da Vince system, remote support to diagnosis and monitoring via 5G/IoT and virtual/augmented reality in the recovery of patients.

      10. 5G.RURAL, 5G for rural smart communities of tomorrow

      Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

      The project contributes to the overall European strategy of expanding broadband rural connectivity. It aims at testing interoperability-driven Smart Communities integrated business models enabled by shared access in rural areas, beyond the conventional licensed coverage. The first neutral hosting 5G infrastructure will be implemented.

      Organised by
      Belgium 165
      France 80
      Spain 61
      Germany 58
      Italy 58
      Ireland 47
      Finland 46
      Greece 38
      Portugal 31
      Netherlands 26
      Poland 21
      Croatia 20
      Hungary 18
      Bulgaria 18
      Latvia 16
      Estonia 16
      Luxembourg 15
      Slovenia 13
      Austria 13
      Sweden 13
      United Kingdom 13
      Romania 13
      Slovakia 10
      Denmark 9
      Czech Republic 8
      Cyprus 7
      Albania 7
      Lithuania 7
      Türkiye 5
      United States 5
      Israel 4
      Montenegro 2
      Ukraine 2
      Moldova, Republic Of 2
      Norway 1
      Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands 1
      Bolivia 1
      Georgia 1
      Nigeria 1
      Total 872
      Telecommunication / Technology company 352
      Government 110
      Other 96
      Education / R&D / Academia 96
      EU institution / agency 52
      Municipality/Smart City 50
      Broadband Competence Office 40
      Funding advisory (Private Company) 37
      Telecommunication / Technology - Association / Representative organisation 30
      European Region 27
      Association of European Municipalities 17
      Economic Development Agency 13
      EU project / network 12
      Institution / Hospital 9
      Association of National Municipalities 7
      Education - Association / Representative organisation 6
      Education Solution Provider 5
      Rural development / agriculture - Association / Representative organisation 4
      Mobility Solution Provider 4
      Mobility Company 4
      Public protection and disaster relief - Association / Representative organisation 3
      Mobility - Association / Representative organisation 3
      Health - Association / Representative organisation 3
      Agriculture Solution Provider 1
      Healthcare solution provider 1
      Total 982